Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Why did those miscreants destroy our Colony?

by Allaa D'toxis for the Xothic Times
Dateline Mazotic - Dear citizens of the Xothic community, it has been two years since we have been fighting against the Commorium, two long years of bitter strife, during which our successes have been almost as many as our loses. Ever since one of our mining colonies, Xartax, was destroyed by those pitiful, spineless cowards, we have declared vengeance upon the ones who brought death in our midst. But, now comes a time, to look back and wonder what exactly drove those pests to such an action. What could those miscreants have possibly thought they would stand to accomplish by making the Xothic their foes? 
A stylized rendering of the Destruction of Xartax
1. They are afraid of the unknown
It is a well-known fact to us Xothic, especially after two years of war, that the people of the Commorium are neither the bravest nor the smartest individuals. How many times have we managed to attack them unawares by using a superior strategy that made them lose the ground they had won? How many times have our ships leveled their colonies to the ground because they had failed to properly defend them? With pilots as obtuse as those fools from the Commorium, a mere glimpse of our colony should have made them aware of the technological superiority of our people. It might just have been that our people were killed due to extreme fear and a desire to neutralize a threat that was not there. At least, not in the beginning.

2. They destroyed it by accident
More than once, rumors have reached us of those fools from the Commorium causing explosions and destroying their own buildings by accident. Our spies have witnesses such events on numerous occasions; buildings crashing to the ground, debris and dust flying everywhere, their own people shouting in panic. It would not be surprising if those half-wits sent missiles instead of exploration satellites towards Xartax because they pressed the wrong button. Upon seeing the colony destroyed, our people killed by their mistakes, they turned tail and fled like the cowards that they are, refusing to take responsibility for their mistakes.
An Arc Fighter used in the recent fighting during the Xothic War

3. They had a fool notion of conquering our colony
Our spies have brought us many reports during their reconnaissance missions undertaken in the space surrounding the lands of the Commorium. Never have their reports mentioned any resources of note, any mining colonies such as ours or other harvesting plants. For a very long period of time, our leaders have wondered whether the attack on our colony was not meant to be destructive, but instead it was meant to conquer our colony. It has been hypothesized that the pilots of the Commorium meant to capture the colony and force our people to become slaves for them. Upon meeting resistance, the mission was abandoned and they opted instead to destroy what they had found, thus cutting us off from a source of supplies as well.

This leaves this reporter to speculate what really happened two years ago?

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