Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Xothic Arc Fighter

Over a decade earlier, the Xothic Defense League asked the military industry to develop a medium size multirole frontline starcraft. Three years later, the requirements were upgraded to a multirole frontline starcraft system, which later became the fifth-generation starfighter to join the Xothic space fleet. It was regarded as an answer to the shortcomings of the basic but dependable Xothic Fighter. The Arc Starfighter performed its maiden flight within the year, and was heralded as a great development in the military might of the Xothic fleet. The Xothic Military Defense Brief hailed it as a major coup for the Xothic interstellar space industry, saying that:
"we stand militarily prepared to meet our foes. The Xothic people are still in control of our destiny in terms of defense technology, outranking all others in known space and punching well above our economic weight."
The Xothic prime minister Vlad the Platriac has announced that government will increase financing of  the Xothic Military defence industry complex.

In game terms the Xothic Arc fighter has the following stats: Attack 2, Thrust 5, Hull 3, Shields 2.
Xothic Arc Starfighter
Production information
Manufacturer   Xothic Military Productions Installations on Ceti 3, 5 and Arcomom 2
Model   M22 Xothic Arc Fighter
Class Assault Starfighter
  • unknown
Technical specifications
Length 16 meters
Width 12 meters
Height/depth 2 meters
Maximum acceleration 3000 G

atmospheric speed
1000 km/h
Engine unit(s)
Irkut Propulsion Force Corp Twin Ion Propulsion Engines of unknown origin (2)(rated .3 MTU)
Hyperdrive rating Class 1.0
Hyperdrive system Xothic Military Works Hyperdrive Instrument
Power plant
Nova Myriad
Nova Myriad
Novosibirsk Starcraft Manufacturing Association Power Convertor; Threnody 03-R cryogenic power cells and ionization reactor
Shielding Komsomolsk-on-Amur Energy Production Association Flux Shields,(50 DPU)
Hull Allagoranium-reinforced Hypersteel alloy (30 IP)
Sensor systems Armazallo ZZs-50x full-spectrum transceiver with XXs long range phased radar detection array and XXs-1Bd short range targeting system
Targeting systems Xothic Avionics Design Bureau FF-1 tracking computer and Triangulation Scan system
Avionics Aviastar-SP "Eliminator Battery" flight control avionics system
  • Hondax RR4 Laser cannons (4)
  • Small payload that may contain
  • Proton Torpedo Launcher
    • 2 torpedoes each
  • Photon bombs possible
  • Pilot (1)
  • Robot Unit (1)
Passengers 2; only certain models
Cargo capacity 75 kilograms
Consumables 1 week
Other systems
  • Xothic Military Works ballistic ejection seat
  • Detachable cockpit

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