Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Pilots of the Xothic Fleet

Xothic pilots are natural born fighters, aggressive in nature and show the exceptional levels of coordination that is required for flying starfighters. There aggressiveness is displayed in the types of weapons they choose to arm their ships and their flying style. Their starfighters are fast and maneuverable and it is said this is how Xothic pilots live their lives as well. 

The 74th "ViPuk" Squadron was the first set of starfighters to be sent across the great divide to fight the Commorium pilots that so viciously attacked the Xothic peoples. The 74th Squadron is quite vicious in its attacks, living up to their name "ViPuk", which is a traditional Xothic word referring to a ritual termination of young members of the tribe that cannot survive. Although this tradition has been mostly overcome in the more modern Xothic society the tenants of the ritual still live on in the "ViPuk" squadron. Their is more deaths among rookie pilots in this squadron than any other in the Xothic Fleet.

The following pilots have been successful in the war against the Commorium invaders and are considered top aces by many of the media outlets in greater Xothic space. The fleet has been using their exploits to generate support for the invasion of Xothic space with the general public and in the government. Also including in this listing is the pilots special effect in the Star Crush Miniatures Starfighter Game.

Delste Kalaga - Deleste has the honor of causing the first casualty in the war against the Commorium. This pilot is responsible for the destruction of the unmanned probe that was found at the site of the original attack and destruction of the Xothic mining colony on Xartax. Since this time she has accounted for four kills in various engagements with Commorium fighters and bombers. She also led the seventh wing against the Commorium planet of Forgothmen in the first attack on a Commorium homeworld called Operation Retribution.
In the Star Crush game when Delste's attack causes a Critical Hit, the player may choose to discard a Critical Hit and roll 2d6 new attack dice for the discarded Critical Hit.

Zatra Marfloon - If Delste is the darling of the 74th "ViPuk" Squadron then Zatra is the face of the brave warrior. Zatra took part in several clashes with the enemy racking up seven kills to make him the first ace of the war. He has also operated in a ground action when the 74th Squadron was called upon to support some marines in an advance on the frozen world of Vastipoole. In this operation Zatra landed his fighter in the Mountains of Tawordla. Using only his blaster pistol and chain sword he cut his way through Commorium troops who were protecting a satellite up-link station which was allocating fire from an artillery brigade,. Once he established contact with the advancing Marines and handed over the station, Zatra then fought his way back to his Starfighter and flew cover for advancing marines as they marched into the city that was their objective. For his efforts in this mission Zatra has been given the Gold Star. The word is that their is a holodrama in the works and Zatra has been asked to be an adviser on the set during the filming.

In the Star Crush game if Zatra uses less than 3 Thrust during the Movement Phase then he can perform a free Triangulate action.

Howhazar Twonzai - The luckiest pilot alive in the 74th "ViPuk" Squadron is Howhazar. His luck started during his rookie tour. On his first mission his instructor had lined him up for a killing shot, which in the "ViPuk" Squadron usually means the end of a career. Miraculously, at that moment in time, Howhazars wing man had a short in his right onboard autostablilzer, and veered into the path of the shot, took the blow on his lower hull, and immediately spun into the path of the instructor, killing the instructor. Both pilots were awarded for their bravery and promoted immediately. Later the pair were out drinking at the local 74th Squadron watering hole when the site was attacked by a long range Commorium Scout ship. The two ended up in a ditch with the base commander and threw themselves and a barrel of food stuffs over the base commander when the Commorium Scout was performing a strafing run. The barrel took the hit and the three warriors were thrown from the ditch into a nearby pond. Howhazar and his mate pulled the base commander from the pond before he could drown and the three collapsed in a heap, only to be awakened the next day by a patrol looking for the commander. Although Howhazar's mate died in the next mission they were given, Howhazar has survived by a mix of skill and wild blind luck in several other encounters since that day.
In the Star Crush game if  Howhazar is being shot at ships rolling Attack dice may not reroll those dice.

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