Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Xothic War, a War of Retribution

Xothic High Command

From the desk of Admiral Faa' Sulgath Amorr
A Treatise on the Commorium Problem and a Call to the Peoples to Unite as One in Victory.

For two long years we have fought and bled. We have waged war in a part of space far from our home due to the cowardly attack that the Commorium unleashed upon Xartax. Xartax was a peaceful mining colony. We lost many people in that attack, hundreds of strong, able-bodied and patriotic Xothic citizens died in the flames of a world under attack for reasons that still remain unknown to us. 

What was it that drove that pathetic, xenophobic excuse for a race to attack our peaceful mining settlement? What misguided logic forced their hand into pressing the button on the weapon that would claim the lives of many innocent Xothic miners that fateful day. Good loyal citizens who had never wronged anyone in their lives? Such answers we have not received and perhaps never will. 

The Commorium race keep proclaiming their innocence. They turn a deaf ear to our accusations and claim themselves beyond reproach. Yet, their hands are stained with blood, the blood of our people!

What has now become known as the Xothic War, began more than two years ago, during a day that started as peaceful as any other.  At about midday, our leaders received a distress signal from the Xartax mining colony, followed briefly afterwards by communication silence. No matter what attempts were made, it was impossible to contact the miners. One of our fastest starships was sent to check the colony and to determine what had happened. Upon reaching the destination colony they found all that remained of the planet: the core of the world still burned hotly and debris floated in space. Perhaps we might have suspected an accident – mistakenly so – had it not been for the enemy spaceship orbiting around what had once been Xartax. The long range scout starship was on stealth mode and would have escaped our notice had our tracking devices not revealed it. 

It was clear who had perpetrated this horrible event. And we started fighting back. The first to fall was that long range scout, prowling the remains of Xartax like a scavenger. Then came their farthest colony city, built at the fringes of their system. The third step was full out war. For more than two years we have fought, sustaining loses and saying goodbye to many of our own good people, but we have never faltered. We will continue this bitter war until the Commorium is brought to its knees and those who killed our people are held accountable for slaughtering innocent lives.

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