Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Nastchruka Run Mission - Part Two

Merry Christmas 2015!
It has been a great year being at two conventions, getting our first Kickstarter out of the way and shipping Flint and Feather miniatures to deserving customers. We are looking forward to great things in 2016.
Here is your Christmas present from Star Crush Miniatures. This is the second part of the Nastchruka Run missions. Enjoy and play lots over the holidays!

The Staff at Crucible Crush Productions

Mission Set-up
Xothic: Xothic Fighter and Deleste and Xothic Fighter Ayann'tuke pilot cards.

Pirates: Pirate Starbomber and San Rafael Tor, Pirate Starbomber and Ejaw Atta'shol.

Use a 4' by 4' star map for this game.

The Xothic player sets up two Xothic Fighters with Deleste Kalaga and Ayann'tuke Habat on the Xothic Board edge first. Both Fighters are moving at Speed four. The Xothic player has initiative to start the game.

The Pirate player places the Pirate Starbombers piloted by San Rafael Tor and Ejaw Atta'shol on the pirate board edge. Both Starbombers are moving at Speed three to start the game.

Special Rules:
1. Beginning on turn #2 in the Command Phase and every turn thereafter roll a d6. If the roll on the dice is below the number of turn that it is then two more Xothic Fighter enter the board from anywhere along the Xothic board edge.
2. The second set of Xothic Fighters are piloted by Zatra Marfloon and Howhazar Twonzai. Both starfighters are moving at Speed 3.

Xothic Victory: Destroy or chase off both the Pirate Bombers.

Pirate Victory: Destroy the Xothic Fighters.

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