Wednesday, 14 October 2015

San Rafael Tor the Early Years

Rafael Tor was born Herbert Weinstenin on the moon Medelliun to parents who were miners. He spent his formative years learning about mining and he was always good with numbers. He couldn't wait to get away from Medelliun moon that he grew up on, always reaching for the stars. On his eighteenth birthday he enlisted in the military and immediately shipped off for the Commorium Marines. After three months of basic training did not shake Herbert loose he was stationed on the Commorium Star Destroyer Harvest Moon with a unit of the 3rd Marines. Here Herbert learned his way around a spaceship, grew some contacts in both the Commorium Navy and in the Marines to which he belonged and began a gambling habit that would stay with him throughout his life.
On October 13th, 2305 Herbert Weinstenin was issued a disorderly discharge from the Marines after only a year and half of service and disappeared from existence.
Weinstenin began his second career as a criminal by running petty street scams, selling contraband, and stealing starships. He introduced himself as Rafael Tor and his name change was complete. It was after stealing the small merchant vessel Hannah's Slop, and holding the captain hostage that he made his first big deal. He released his captive to the family for 100,000 CM and ran off with the vessel. With this one ship he began his merchant empire. But Tor wasn't just transporting goods around the Commorium Sector. He used this starship and the several others he would purchase to smuggle illegal goods around the Empire. Finally, Tor and several of his men were arrested and found in possession of contraband after returning to Medelliun with a large load of Skutadot Wafers. Skutadot Wafers are a highly illegal substance derived from the pollen of Skutadot plants on the planet Nixsus. After being arrested, Tor tried to bribe the Medelliun judges who were preparing the case against him. However this was unsuccessful and after many months of legal wrangling, Tor had the two arresting officers killed and the case was dropped. Hereafter Tor's pattern of dealing with the authorities was to either bribe them or kill them.

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