Friday, 16 October 2015

The Tactic Cards

One of the things that we haven't released for the Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures Game yet is the Tactic Cards. I am not quite sure how to implement these cards. We should get them printed and added to the game but that would require a significant investment and we do not have that kind of money available at this point. You do not need the Tactic Deck to play the game, but it adds an element of randomness to the game. It also adds a new strategy to the game in the form of deck building.

These cards are designed to be played during the turn as they become available to the pilots and as the situations in the game warrant them. In playtesting these cards we discovered that they would be utilized every turn as players found themselves in situations where they could take advantage of the effects of particular cards. In playtesting we simply put all the cards into decks and used them, in order to test the play ability of all the cards. So we didn't get into any actual deck building, but it is envisioned that you could tailor your deck to the style of play that you want to pursue in the game.

Also, because the tactic cards are not tied to any one specific model you can use the cards in the most strategically significant situation in each turn. This is because any cards can be played on any models in the turn. You are not stuck with only using a certain tactic with a certain model. We believe this adds elements of fun and strategy to the game while not limiting you to certain combinations.

The Tactic Deck also adds cards that are Payload Weapons. This type of extra weaponry is not a new concept to tabletop gaming but it is flexible because any Payload Weapon may be added to any model. The only limitation is that you cannot add a Payload Weapon to your model that is larger than that model can carry. This limits the smaller Fighter size ships to smaller Payload weapons that do not interfere as much with their superior handling, and make sense logically. As compared to the Bomber style ships that can carry larger Payload Weapons which makes more sense with their design.

If you are interested in receiving the Tactic Deck and playtesting these cards for us please email us. If you have any ideas for new cards also please let us know. Please note that we will send these cards to you in .pdf format so you will have to print them and cut them out. We suggest printing onto a business card template pack that you can get at your local office store. The .pdf should be laid out for this type of printing.

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