Friday, 9 October 2015

New Starships under construction!

In case you did not know it the final three miniatures for the Star Crush line are being worked on by Bob Murch. He is also working on a new starship which we haven't commissioned yet. Perhaps we should make this a pirate starship and it would be the first actual pirate sculpting.
We will have to come up with stats for these starships.
Star Crush Starship sculptures from left to right Xothic Skiff Fighter, Xothic Arc Fighter, Commorium Warp Scout and finally the new sculpture.
Xothic Skiff Fighter - Attack 3, Thrust 4, Hull 3, Shields 1.
Xothic Arc Fighter - Attack 2, Thrust 5, Hull 3, Shields 2.
Commorium Warp Scout - Attack 2, Thrust 6, Hull 2, Shields 2.
Pirate Ship - ???

How do these stats look?

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  1. Nice chips. I love the old school design. They exist perfectly between today's ultra-techy ships and the rockets of the retroverse.

    I seem to recall series and movies of this era involving a lot of civilian ships and military shuttles/transports. Any chance we may see some of those as well.