Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Training at the Commorium Military Academy

Located at the very end of the Federated Republic, the Commorium Star System has little hope of receiving aid in a timely manner in case of an attack. As such, from the very start, it understood it was vital to have a top notch Military Academy with the best pilots and technicians to rely on. A handful of the Commorium Star System’s best gathered together at the dawn of the Federated Republic, choosing one of the central most planets as their home base and started planning. It took over two years to develop and build the foundation of the Academy but once established the Commorium Military Academy opened with pomp and ceremony. The founding traditions of the Academy are what set it apart and drive it to produce excellent people whether they be fighter pilots or the many support personnel required to maintain a space fleet. 

Although it is known for keeping an air of mystery around itself, the Commorium Military Academy is straightforward when it comes to dealing with its potential cadets. As soon as they become of age, young men and women from around the Empire apply for a place at the prestigious academy. However, out of the thousands of applications that are sent their way each year from all over the Federated Republic, only a measly 2% are selected: the best, the most dedicated, the ones who show the most promise. Occasionally, top members of the Academy have been known to take protegees under their wings in order to offer them a place in one of the rigorous training modules of the Academy. The most recent, and most famous case, is of course that of Rand McCormick who was mentored by one of the Academy’s finest: James “Hotrod” Mallory, the man best known for his 100 successful surveillance missions and the habit of brawling with all those who dared call him Jim.

Cadets training at the Commorium Military Academy spend the entirety of the six years it takes to graduate on the Academy’s home planet. They receive breaks to visit their families twice a year during holiday seasons, but apart from that the Academy becomes their home. Dormitories provide  shared accommodations of four, the different specializations mingling together as they would do on a larger spaceship. Cadets must keep themselves at the top of their game if they wish to maintain their position at the Academy. Although known to party hard when the opportunity presents itself more than one student has been expelled on the grounds of incompatibility. More plainly spoken, those students ignored their coursework and simulations, in favor of the more pleasurable aspects of life. 

The Commorium Military Academy offers training programs for all crew positions in the fleet. At the end of their six years of study all students undergo rigorous examinations of all their knowledge and capabilities. These tests are later used to place them on one of the ships of the Commorium Star Fleet. Perhaps the most rigorous of them all is the pilot training program that spans an additional mandatory year of test flight trials. However, the extra work pays off as evidenced by the fact that the Commorium Star Fleet boasts the best trained pilots in the entire Federated Republic.

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