Friday, 14 August 2015

Star Crush Rules #1

In this blog we take a look at movement in the Star Crush Starfighter Minatures Game.

The movement system for this game is actually based on the system used in Full Thrust. Full Thrust however uses pen and paper to record a star ships speed and direction. We believed that this type of record system could be updated and looked to another miniatures game to resolve this dilemma. We could have went with cards to choose speed and maneuver, however, we felt the dial system was a cleaner system.
The movement dials in Star Crush have two levels. On the bottom level is the actual direction that you would like to turn the starship. This is divided into left and right and is recorded R1 thru R5 and L1 thru L5. Left and Right turns are designated by their letter and differentiated by color, Blue for right turns and yellow for left turns. At the bottom of the dial is a white six, which is used to designate a special maneuver.

The second dial on the movement dial is the acceleration and it is a number between one and six. At this point in the game design six is the maximum thrust rating on any starship. If the dial is rotated upward where the maneuver is dialed then the model is accelerating and if the dial is located at the bottom near the Star Crush logo then the ship is decelerating. If the player leaves the dial in another place then it is up to his opponent to determine whether he is accelerating or decelerating.
Although the dial solves the problem of issuing movement orders for our miniatures it doesn't solve the problem of keeping track of your movement speed. In Star Crush your movement speed does not reset each turn. Your vessel travels at the same speed turn to turn and you must accelerate or decelerate if you want to change speeds. This means that every model has their speed and direction of movement displayed as a separate marker on the tabletop. We must also display the movement direction because the models can rotate at the end of their movement if they desire and if they have the appropriate amount of thrust left for that turn.
The final item that is required to complete movement is the turning dial. Pictured here the turning dial is placed beside the model at the mid point of its movement and the model is rotated to its new direction. Movement is then completed using a ruler that corresponds to the speed of your model. Left hand turns use one side of the dial while right hand turns are located on the back. Also, see the movement direction arrow in the picture and the movement rulers. That covers most of the basic movement rules in Star Crush. Next week we will cover the mechanics of combat.

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