Friday, 21 August 2015

Combat in Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures Game

The Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures game uses models to portray the individual starships that the players are using in the game. Range is measured between the bases of the models to determine if a target can be fired upon. Use the range ruler to determine range. All targets must be within the distance of the ruler to be an eligible target. The range ruler is broken into Short, Medium and Long range. There is also an extended range band that can be used by the Xothic.

The total number of dice a starship rolls when firing is printed on the Base Marker that corresponds to the pilot and on the Starfighter Card. This is also the red attack number printed on the  corresponding starship base.

Attack Strength – Shows the number of dice you roll when you wish to make an Attack.

Players roll the number of d6 dice totaled depending on the range they are firing at and the number printed on their Starfighter Card or Base Marker. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3 the target is missed. On a roll of 4 it is a glancing blow and may become a hit of some kind. On a roll of 5 a Standard Hit has been scored which scores one point of damage. On a roll of 6 a Critical Hit has occurred which causes two points of damage.

Players can modify their firing by using Maneuvers. Some maneuvers cost Thrust points to use while other maneuvers can be performed for free. Listed here are the free maneuvers. A starship model may only perform one free maneuver per turn.

Triangulation – Free Maneuver
If used when Attacking - this maneuver changes all Glancing Blows to Standard Hits.

If used in Defense - the defending player can chose a die and force the attacker to re-roll it. Note: It can happen that an attack becomes worse when a die is rerolled.

Scanning – Free Maneuver
If used when Attacking – Choose a die and reroll it.

If used in Defense – Change Critical Hits to Standard Hits.


Damage done during combat is applied against the target ship after all dice have been rolled and the defending player has been given a chance to modify or cause dice to be rerolled. The defending player does not roll dice in most cases. All starship models have a shield rating and a hull rating. Damage is done to shields before the hull is destroyed. If a model receives damage equal to his hull hits then the model is destroyed and removed from the game. There are some advanced rules that we have not discussed here but this is a brief synopsis of combat in The Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures Game.

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