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Travel in the Commorium Quadrant

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Travelling in the Commorium Quadrant might have gotten a bit more dangerous as of late due to the ongoing war, but the Commorium pilots are doing their utmost best to protect the space lanes and keep the battle with the Xothic away from major travel routes. As such, if you were thinking of huddling in your homes during holiday times and keeping as far away from the interesting parts of the Commorium Star System, we are here to convince you otherwise. Below we will talk about three important travel destinations our star system has to offer, where you will surely have the time of your life.

1. The Meta Adventura Resort in the Commorium Asteroid Belt

Thrill seekers, this place is designed especially for you. The Meta Adventura Resort is the oldest adventure park in the Commorium Star System and the largest to date. Moreover, the Meta Adventura Resort is still growing. That’s right! Every year the owners of the resort add another element to their offering. To date, the Zero G bungie jumping is the most popular activity in the area.
Hikers can try something new and climb up the Inverted Mountain, a dizzy sharp rock that looks like a triangle placed upside down. What’s more, you won’t get any ropes! But, don’t worry, if you fall, your suit’s repulsors will guide you to safety automatically.
Mithril minerals are in abundance in the area and interested parties can go panning for them. If you find any, you can even try some old style forging and create a dagger for yourself under the strict guidance of a smith.

2. Hot spots on the Commorium Planet

The Commorium Planet, as its name indicates, is the heart of the Commorium Star System. You can spend as much as a year on this planet and you will not get bored. History lovers can spend time in the many museums of the planets, discovering the birth of the Commorium Star System and its acceptance in the Federated Republic.
Fun lovers can head to the many themed discos of the planet; at the moment the most famous ones are the Floating Paradise and the Upside Down Disaster. The Floating Paradise as its name states is an old style building that has been made to float in the center of the capital city. What’s more, its zero gravity elements ensure that you spend your entire time in the disco, floating around. Dancing becomes quite a challenge in this place. The Upside Down Disaster is a disco that turns you upside down as soon as you pass its threshold. What’s more, every thirty minutes a roaring whirlwind sweeps through the rooms to shake things up. Make sure to hold on tight when that happens!
Last, but not least, don’t forget to check the crystal trail. Although you have to walk for about two miles, the ice blue and pale violet crystals surrounding you left and right will dazzle you. What’s more, as soon as you reach the end of the trail you will find yourself face to face with the Crystal Palace, a splendor in its own right. In the days of old, the Kings and Queens of Ancient Civilizations were said to live there.

3. Scrapheap Planets and helping the poor
After spending some fun times in the hot spots of the Commorium System, why not spend some time helping the poor? As many know, the scrapheap planets are home to the poor, the miserable and the mad. Charity associations do their best to take care of them, but many times it is not enough. Grab a handful of old clothes, a basket of food and some beverages, then come to these planets to make a poor person’s life better. If you’re lucky, you will also get to meet the creator of the Nikkion Survey Cameras. Although the man is filthy rich, he still enjoys living in a small hut in the middle of the metal and inventing gadgets in solitude.

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