Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Nastchruka Run Part Two

The Commorium Fighter, which had been dogging Tor's tail for the previous minutes, burst into a ball of orange flame and light as the green beams of the pirate bomber ignited the fuel and oxygen contained within the craft.

"Yahoo!" whooped Tor, "He wasn't expecting that." He also breathed a sigh of relief into his cockpit, "It's good to see you Ejaw.

Tor looped around the nearest asteroid, zooming his starboard wing along the surface of the rocky mass and pulling his yoke back to the right as he brought his starship back on track to head after the merchantman.

"Now let's go see what we can do about that fatboy." Tor breathed into his comm taking the lead.

"That's an affirmative boss," Ejaw replied. "We need those munitions if we are going to bring the fight to the Commorium government."

"Yeah, that and my cut will help me get that new torque drive that I want to install. You know funding your Freedom front has certainly put me into a negative cash flow position."

"Yes, but think of the end game Tor. Our Freedom front, as you call it, will bring you immediate fame and fortune when we succeed in overthrowing the Quadrant government."

In a moment Tor's overhead holo screen, that illuminated his cockpit window, lit up with the image of the large merchant ship. It had turned and was now heading away from the asteroid belt at full thrust. Tor's on-board computer system picked out the merchantman and told him that it would be set for hyper space drive in ten minutes.

"It looks like he is forgetting the resupply run because he is fleeing us as quickly as he can." Tor outlined the obvious to Ejaw.

The two pilots gunned their engines and whisked off after the merchantman in a roar of colored light and exhaust. Their starships strained to reach maximum speed, their sleek bodies glinting in the light reflected off the star field around them. Space can be a lonely and cold place, reflected Tor. It was good that he had a wingman like Ejaw.

Suddenly his nav computer bleeped pleadingly for his attention. He pressed his finger on the screen and scrolled the nav view. His holo computer showed the warning of a distance object, another starship scant parsecs away, but at the outer edge of his detection range.

"What's this, someone attempting to break up our little party?" questioned Tor wryly.

To be continued

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