Friday, 20 November 2015

Starfighter Games at Fall In

We were at Fall In on November 6 thru 8th and we ran a Star Crush Game on Friday night. We also got some great plastic rulers from Robert. Thanks Robert!

In our game Joe was piloting two Commorium Fighters against Robert, Richard and Tim who were all flying one Xothic Fighter each. Robert had brought some of his painted miniatures that he picked up at Historicon and we used them for the Xothic side.

Joe was outnumbered and fought a mostly defensive battle. He kept his two star fighters together for the early part of the game and flew them effectively as a unit. This allowed him to get the opening hits on Robert's Xothic Fighter and damaged him almost to the point of blowing up his fighter. He had one hull hit left and flew the rest of the game with just the one hull, until he could pick up a "repair shields" card near the end of the game.

Xothic Fighter painted by Robert, looking suitability space-worthy.
Meanwhile the Xothic fighters piloted by Tim and Richard whirled and swirled around the tabletop sometimes reaching speeds of 10 or 11. They started to cause some damage to Joe's lead fighter by the end of the game. However, there was not a fighter lost during the game as the players maneuvered and countered each other.

The game ran very well and after about an hour of playtime the players could run the rules themselves. I found this exciting to see new players pick up on the rules in this way.

Two points came back as feedback. Some of the players felt that the starships should be given a top speed, to stop the players from moving too quickly and over shooting the tabletop. I still haven't seen this as a problem because the fastest I have ever seen anyone move of their own volition is 11 or 12 and they immediately slow down in order to stay on the board. So I don't see it as a major glitch. The second thing that was brought up was an idea concerning the Scanning and Triangulation free maneuvers. A valid idea was brought up that one of these should be used in attack and one in defense. Right now in the rules each has a defensive and an attacking effect in the game, thus making them very flexible. The idea was put forth that if you make one of these for attack and one for defense then the players will have to choose the appropriate maneuver based on what is happening in the game and may cause more indecision and play ability. We will have to test this idea.

Thanks to all those that played the game, it was a great time.

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