Thursday, 1 October 2015

Star Crush Playtesting

The table at Kegscon with all our Star Crush Starfighter stuff.
We went to Kegscon on the previous weekend and did some playtesting on the rules. We used the optional "Energy" rule. I found it came in handy to get an extra turn or speed change that then allowed me to get a maneuver in that I wouldn't otherwise be able to. So it definitely adds more flexibility to the game. I also gave up my six several times, but my HEM saved me from any real damage due to these piloting errors, which I was able to do because of the Energy rule, so it certainly enhances your ability to survive. We will definitely have to give these rules more play time to see the level of impact on the rules. Has anyone else tried these rules and what have you found in your games?
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The game in process with some extra miniatures sitting at the edge of the table waiting to be played.

Both pilots flew past each other. The Xothic fighter had Thrust left to perform a pivot and shot the Commorium in the six giving him an extra die when shooting. Maybe you shouldn't get that bonus when pivoting because you are not following the opponent? Any thoughts?

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