Friday, 11 September 2015

The Star Crush Starfighter Miniature Rules are Available!

Today we have some great news! We have a .pdf version of the rules ready to be play tested by you.

That's right if you are interested in the beta version of the Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures Game we will send you the rules.

Right now the rules come in .pdf form so you are going to have to do some printing if you are interested in playing the game. The rules include markers, rulers, templates (the turning template being the most important, and movement dials. There are also three sets of cards available including Starfighter Cards for your models, Pilot Cards for your models and Tactic Cards for the game.

We are still working on the Tactic Cards to finalize the set. We have not decided on the exact cards that will be available as a basic set, so we will not send these cards out yet but look for them within the next two weeks, which gives you just enough time to learn the basic rules. You do not need the Tactic Cards to play the game.

Our goal will be to get the various markers, rulers and templates printed on sturdy cardboard. However, the game needs to generate some interest before this can happen.

We are also interested in feedback. Please play the rules as much as possible. Please submit any ideas, questions or clarifications to the email address listed below and let us know what needs to be improved, what you like and what you don't like about the rules.

When I run these rules I tell the players. We are not trying to create some new, cutting edge set of rules. These rules are simple modifications and an amalgamation of things we have liked from combat games. For instance, we like using the six sided die so that is the dice we have chosen for the game.

For this reason, we will also not charge for these rules. These rules will eventually be available online for free to anyone who is interested in downloading the booklet. It is our hope that in this way we can build a vibrant community based around playing these rules.
So enjoy your time playing these rules.

Contact us at crucible crush rules @ yahoo .ca (no spaces) and we will send you out a set of the rules and the related markers and templates.

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