Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Pirate Problem, and: are the Xothic becoming attention whores?

Commorium City Center, Commorium -  
 Like every opportunist, a pirate will exploit any perceived weakness for their own gain. In more precise terms, the Commorium, already up to their necks in trouble have a new problem.

Separatist Uhoggian mercenaries, known as the Ul-Raddyik, bored with the lack of any real war across the Empire have intercepted Commorium scout vessels and commandeered them for their own purposes. Supremely resourceful, this ex - special forces group has managed to discreetly re-build their vessels to engineer customized starfighters. Engine modifications have provided the pirates with maneuverability beyond anything found in the Commorium fleet. They have managed to do all this while keeping the ships exteriors unchanged, so it will be impossible to detect.

It seems like, for the Commorium, fate has dictated their demise. Not only are their vessels being picked off by the Ul-Raddyik and their pilots and crew ejected, alive, into space, but there is also the ongoing terror attacks committed by the Xothic. Attacks that, it seems, are becoming more bizarre by the day. It’s as though the Xothic are tapping the collective consciousness of the Commorium people, using their own fears and desires against them. 
In a recent assault, the Xothic projected a leaked feed featuring the Governor of the central bank. He is shown accepting bribes to intentionally destabilize the Commorium economy from mysterious officials. The footage was beamed onto the side of the central bank, one of the largest buildings in the city. This caused a significant commotion and a large crowd gathered. Zone bots quickly attempted to block the projection but malfunctioned whenever they neared it. Then, from the billowing humuncilllius clouds above, a particle eliminator missile erupted. Showers of dust settled upon the crowd, causing temporary blindness and hysteria. 

13 people were killed in the stampede. 

Though the Xothic claimed responsibility for the incident, the Ul-Raddyik argue that they are the perpetrators. And some weight is given to this by one fact: in the mayhem caused by the act, all staff at the bank were forced to evacuate the building. They returned to find that 12 trillion Kwuij had been stolen. No evidence of forced entry was found, and no bio sigs registered. Whoever or whatever removed the Kwuij was highly skilled and had, in all likelihood, pulled off a similar heist before. This, some say, points the blame directly at the Ul-Raddyik. The pirate group released the following statement, allegedly written in the blood of a spice trader who had paid to accompany Commorium pilots on a scout mission. It reads:
“To the people of Commorium,
You are probably already aware that we, the Ul-Raddyik, have set our eyes upon you. Let me tell you what we see. We see a planet of helpless gruuds devoid of proper leadership. Corrupt officials have sold you out for their own gains. Having said that, we’re all opportunists aren’t we? It’s our nature. Every creature in this vast, crawling universe seeks to dominate over others. And so as we plunder your planet of its riches! Don’t look on us a savages, we are merely the product of our environment. That same environment that spawned you. The only difference is that we, unlike you, will dominate our universe. And you will submit to us. You have no choice. We hope you enjoyed the projection. 
Tell the Governor “Grazzo” from us.”

The feed, which was transmitted at seemingly random intervals ended in the dismissal of the Governor of the central bank.

Whispers from the Commorium Space Defense Agency indicate that the military is gearing up for a major offensive. Whatever central command has up its sleeve had better be good. They have a war to wage on two fronts. And as far as this reporter can tell, either enemy would outgun the Commorium single handedly and without breaking a sweat.


Aboard the psychological Evac-Pod

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