Friday, 4 September 2015

Limited Star Crush Miniatures Starfighters for Sale!

We have some stock left over from Historicon on the first three miniatures in the Star Crush line. We are putting these miniatures up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing the miniatures drop us an email at crucible crush @hotmail .com (no spaces) and we will send you out the listing.
Our kickstarter supporters will still be the first to receive the three newest miniatures in the Star Crush line which are the Commorium Warp Scout, the Xothic Arc Fighter and the Xothic Skiff Fighter (not pictured here).

All invoicing will be processed through Paypal so please provide your paypal account. Shipping is $10 in Canada or the USA, $15 the rest of the world. Also provide your actual shipping address in the email.

Star Crush Miniatures are white metal 1/250th scale miniatures for use with your science fiction gaming. Each miniature comes with a Litko base and has an MSRP of $10.00 USD. All sales are in USD.
Here are the miniatures that are currently available:

20301 Star Crush Fighter $10.00USD

20302 Commorium Bomber $10.00USD

20310 Xothic Fighter $10.00USD

Please use the miniature code and name when ordering so we make sure we get you the miniatures you want for your gaming needs.

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