Friday, 28 August 2015

The Starfighter Deck

The Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures game may be played with the basic rules. There is no need to add any other modifications to the game to have a fun time simulating our version of starship to starship dogfights in space. However, for an added level of complexity players may add the deck of Starfighter Cards to their game. This cards can be played at any time when they are applicable during a turn and effect the play of the game in different ways depending on the card played. 

If agreed upon each player can create a deck of Starfighter Cards prior to the start of the game. You can choose any cards you want for your deck but you may not spend more than 50 points total in the deck. (This 50 points is different from your force disposition and has no effect on the number of starships you may fly in the game.) Also you may not have more copies of any one card in your deck than you have models that you are using in the game. So if you have three starfighter models in the game you cannot have more than three cards of any one type. Each player must shuffle their deck and place it face down within easy reach of the play area.

The number of cards you may have in your hand at any one time is determined by your Pilots Initiative levels. Pilots with Initiative 8 or higher may have two cards available. Pilots with an Initiative between five and seven allow you to have one card available and pilots with less than five initiative do not make any cards available. Cards may be used by any pilots in the owning players control even though they do not generate cards from the deck. This is considered the leadership of the more experienced pilots helping the younger pilots. The use of the Starfighter deck although not needed can add an exciting variation to the Star Crush game.

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