Friday, 29 May 2015

What to do on a Friday Night in a Meteor Shower

Captain Brunet Talent lounged in the chair aboard the bridge of the Starcruiser Oberan Dream, “On my mark, bombers away.” It was a routine patrol on the edge of the quadrant, except for these darn meteorites that existed where they were not supposed to be. The view more here was more pure than any view the scope back on his home planet could generate, and Brunet loved that about space. The bombers were needed for this mission due to their greater shielding against the current meteor activity. 

Lieutenant Ristodd Ander seems so far away from his  planet of birth yet he feels so at home. It was the mission he had always dreamed about and the one he had been waiting for since he decided to join the Commorium Star Academy. Fifteen months ago, Ander and four other cadets were assigned to a Commorium Tech 4 operation. This operation was based on intense training in manoeuvring and handling of new experimental Starships. Ristodd had lost his leg, and his nerve in the resulting crash, and thus he had lost his Star Fighter. He had persevered and graduated from the Academy, but now he piloted Star Cruisers and not Star Fighters.
Commanding the ship was the Legendary Captain Brunet Talent the oldest serving Captain in the fleet. Captain Talent with her vast knowledge handling Starships and her previous military experience was the best captain in the FREP. She just happened to be on station when this meteor storm had occurred. “Mark”, she barked the order.  

Lieutenant Ander spoke into the communication link, “Bombers away, light it up boys.”

“Will do, Roger Wilco, we will light it up for you Ris”. That was the reply from flight leader Phawne Willey, classmate and friend of Lieutenant Ander.

“As per the mission briefing Lieutenant Willey, be advised, severe meteor activity throughout the sector. Find out the source if possible.”

“Roger that number one, let’s figure out what’s nuking up this Sector, and if we find any pirates we will engage and destroy.”

The sound of the bombers engine roared and the machine sped down the flight deck followed closely by its wing mate.

 This was the last leg of their patrol. If the Oberan Dream did not find anything in this sector it was time to head home and brief Command about the mission. Lieutenant Ander, though disappointed about not seeing any action on this assignment, reluctantly stirred the Ship on course back to the planet Commorium. Just as he was doing this, PRRAANNGG!!! The alarm sounded, alerting them of an impending rain of meteors. Ander tried to manoeuvre the ship so as to avoid the meteors, but it handled like a pig, nothing like his star fighter. “Meh”, he thought, “old habits die hard.”

Captain Talent spoke up, “Let it go son and just admire the beauty of the shooting stars. Sometimes all you can do is relax and make a wish.”
Ander looked up at the big screen to admire the meteor showers and make his wish. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the open log on his holo desk. It was a Friday, like that Friday so many months ago, and a thought had crossed his mind. You couldn’t admire a meteor shower like this back at the Academy, only on this Friday and only out here in space.

Both officers looked out through the observation deck to the left of the overhead holo screen and admired the beautiful meteor shower as it crashed into the shielded hull of the Oberan Dream.

“So much for this mission,” Ander thought to himself as the meteor showers continued to move deeper into the darkness of space. That is when his holo desktop lit up with an incoming transmission from Probe OD00778893…

Coming on Monday, The Commorium Incident - Video #2 - Planet Probe.

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