Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Few Facts About the Commorium Star System

The Commorium Star System should no longer be a mystery to any of us. We live in it, we hear news about its planets, and we even board cruise ships to travel around it or passenger ships to head to one of its many holiday destinations. However, even though we all live here, we realize how little some of us may actually know about the Commorium Star System. From the asteroids to the beautiful mountains of Sharbaza the Commorium Quadrant is a great place to travel. Did you even know we had scrapheap planets? The people on the scrapheap planets exist, and they make a life and a living among the ruins. It is up to the capable among us to help them. In the following article we will present a few facts about the Commorium Star System that everyone should know. 
The Commorium Star System viewed from the Core of the Federated Republic Empire of Planets
Photo courtesy of NASA
Local Group Survey Team and T.A. Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage)
 1. Although small, the Commorium Star System can be a ruthless enemy when provoked
Yes, we are a small star system and we will be the first to accept this fact. Too many times we have had visitors from wealthier parts of the Empire turn their noses at the Commorium Star System because of its size and location at the fringes of the Federated Republic. However, it is our very position and size that makes us dangerous for enemies and an asset for allies. We are easy to ignore and overlook, but when threats start bubbling outside the Empire we are the first line of defense. We always send troops and star ships to support our neighbors in need in the empire. We have also gained the upper hand in the war against the star pirates that sometimes engulf our star trading lanes.
2. The best pilots of the Empire are trained on the Commorium Star System
It is not just our ships that are top notch, but our pilots as well. Candidates from all over the Federated Republic come to the Commorium Star Academy in order to win a spot in our programs that will later guarantee them places on  Commorium Fighters and Bombers. If their skills are impressive enough they will succeed. No other pilots, not even those trained at the Royal Stellar Academy  located in the core of the Federated Republic can boast the same number of successful missions as Commorium trained pilots. What’s more, Rand McCormick, the best pilot in the galaxy trained at our Academy and that’s saying something. Not to mention his mentor, Kenth Ardan Haruss is born and bred in the Commorium Star System.

3. The Commorium Star System was among the first members of the Federated Republic
With the exploration of the new systems, which have been opened up by the recent advances in Ion Drives, the location of the Commorium Star System is an asset to the Republic. History also reinforces this fact. Despite being positioned at the very end of the current Federated Republic, at its beginnings the Commorium Star System was one of the first members to join. This fact was due to its location at the border of a vast stretch of uncharted space. The Commorium was always meant to serve as a defense and a warning signal in case of attacks coming out of this dark edge of space.

Bonus Fact: Yes, we do have scrapheap planets
At the very end of the Commorium Star System you will find two planets that are located in somewhat baffling proximity to one another. These are artificially created planets from the very beginnings of the Federated Republic. These two planets were created as scrapheap planets for the population of the Commorium Star System. Though in the beginning they were supposed to be inhabited solely by robots, in time the scrapheap planets became home to the poor, the mad, the desolate and their odd prodigy that found shelter amidst all the metal.

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