Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What is StarCrush?

The StarCrush Developers Blog is now live! Here you can be updated on all the news about the development of the StarCrush Minaitures Universe. Stay tuned!

The purpose of this blog is to help you learn about the development of the StarCrush Miniatures universe.

Pulp Figures owner and sculptor, Bob Murch and Crucible Crush Productions are pleased to offer you some excellent 1/250th scale star ship miniatures. StarCrush and it's universe were birthed after these miniatures were sculpted, cast and painted. The purpose of the universe is to bring the miniatures to life in their own dynamic and growing storyline. After the creation of the background the game rules were developed to provide a tabletop system that utilizes the StarCrush Miniatures. Discover our miniatures which will come to life in front of your eyes over the upcoming months.

 The world of StarCrush will be introduced thru three venues.

First, we have prepared some short videos which are an introduction to the two protagonists of our universe. The Commorium, one of the founding planets of the Federated Republic Empire of Planets and their aggressive enemies, the Xothic. These videos attempt to tell the story of how the two seemingly independent races came to be involved in their conflict.

Secondly, we have been in the process of developing a set of rules to be used with the miniatures. These rules do not attempt to reinvent the tabletop gaming experience, nor are they ground breaking in any way. These rules are simply provided to give you an alternative experience to other products that are on the market and provide you a venue for using our miniatures. Alternately these rules may be used with other miniatures that already exist on the market.

Finally, these miniatures are hand sculpted by Bob Murch who has been in the miniatures industry since he finished school and has sculpted for Rafm Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures and his own very successful Pulp Figures. So why not release these miniatures through his own company? To start, Bob believes these miniatures stray from his company focus of the pulp genre. Also, the new company, Crucible Crush Productions has been built on a focus of bringing together smaller enterprises within the gaming industry to produce an enduring product. The value of this ideal has already proven itself in the StarCrush Miniatures offering. Without the talents of several different people in the gaming industry StarCrush would not be coming to you in this manner or in the way it exists today.

So please join us as we start this journey together on our new endeavor and welcome to the StarCrush Miniatures Developers Blog.

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