Friday, 22 May 2015

Three Things You Need to Know About StarCrush

The StarCrush Universe is newly created with the goal of bringing our new line of starship miniatures to life. So what do we have to tell you about the universe? We are hoping this universe will provide a vibrant and energizing background for your gaming experience. So here are some of the basics about StarCrush.

1. Commorium is only one planet in a much larger Empire. Or more correctly the Commorium Quadrant which is ruled and governed from the planet Commorium is part of something much larger than itself. It exists in a universe that something much larger is happening and they are only one player on a much bigger stage. The Commorium Quadrant, although an old and staid member of the FREP, is on the edge of the Federated Republic in an area that was previously considered the edge of known space. Recent improvements in technology have allowed the movement of exploration teams into a new frontier beyond the Commorium Quadrant, and has resulted in the meeting of a new and alien race.

2.  The Federated Republic Empire of Planets (FREP) is the larger governing body of a whole series of planets, republics and empires that are brought together under one ruling senate. Why did we do this? The intention here is that you can use the Commorium miniatures as part of a much larger galaxy spanning empire in your current campaign if you want too. Refered to as "The Federated Republic" or just simply the empire, there are over 100 different groups of planets united under the banner. Most groups govern themselves and meet at the senate to discuss more galaxy spanning issues.

3. The Xothic are a new race of aliens previously unknown to the Federated Republic. They have shown up in an area of space that was previously uncharted and that there has been no known adversary for the last millennium. They have been very aggressive so far and non-communicative with the Commorium. There will be more revealed about the Xothic in upcoming videos and blog entries.

This is a brief overview of the universe of StarCrush. More will be revealed as we move through these blogs so please stay tuned for more information.

Spoiler Alert: Please be advised that our first video will be released on Monday. These videos are presented in the format of a news cast from FRNN Channel 113 the Federated Republic News Network and are reports on the events in the Commorium Quadrant.

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