Friday, 4 December 2015

The Nastchruka Run Mission - Part One

This scenario is designed based on the preceding stories in this blog. Hopefully this does not get too confusing but if you wish to play through the same missions that are in this story then you can. This scenario will be followed by Part Two which will be the part of the mission involving the Xothic fighters. If you are playing both of these missions one player should play the Commorium in Part One and the Xothic in Part Two while the other player should play the Pirates in both. Alternately you could play the mission through twice with players getting a chance to play all sides.
Just a disclosure, we have not played through this scenario so please let us know if you do and how the encounter went.

Mission Set-up
Commorium: 21st Squadron Fighter and Lt. Jan Terry.

Pirates: Pirate Starbomber and San Rafael Tor, Pirate Starbomber and Ejaw Atta'shol.

Use a 4' by 4' star map for this game. Place an asteroid model or marker in the exact center of the board. Designate the top of the board as the North Edge. The Pirate player writes on a piece of paper which corner of the asteroid base from which Ejaw Atta'shol and her starship is set up. This ship is powered down and does not appear on the map or on scans. The ship is set up within short range of this corner that the Pirate player designates when the ship is powered up.
Place up to six other asteroid counters at random on the board.
The Pirate player places the Pirate Starbomber piloted by San Rafael Tor with some part of the base within long range of the Commorium table edge.

The Commorium player sets up Lt. Jan Terry and his starship directly behind San Rafael Tor's starship touching the edge of the board. The Commorium player has initiative to start the game.

Both San Rafael Tor and Lt. Jan Terry are moving at Speed six. Ejaw is powered down and has a Speed of Zero, to move she must put points of Thrust to accelerate.

Special Rules:
1. Ejaw must declare she is powering up and place her ship on the board in her regular movement phase on the turn she wants to appear. She cannot fire in this turn. The pirate player may then prepare a dial and move Ejaw normally in the next turn.
2. Asteroids do not move. If a starship base makes contact with an asteroid counter or model base then that starship is destroyed.

Commorium Victory: Destroy or chase off both the Pirate Bombers.

Pirate Victory: Destroy the Commorium Fighter while keeping both Starbombers in fighting condition for the next scenario.

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