Friday, 25 September 2015

Rules Additions

For those of you who are playtesting our game rules here are two new rules to try. We will be at Kegscon this weekend playtesting these rules so we should have a report on them next week.

Rule #1 Energy
Energy is a way to simulate the changes of velocity and vector in Star Crush to add an element of the third dimension in the game. Starsfighters which are higher or lower than their opponents and change vector to angle for a shot can be simulated using this rule.
1. Use a marker or chip as Energy markers.
2. Fighters can carry up to two Energy while Bombers can carry only one.
3. In the Command Phase when Dials are revealed you must announce the expenditure of your Energy.
4. Energy can only be traded for movement, either a change in speed or a change in direction but cannot be used to pivot or take a free maneuver.
5. To gain Energy a starfighter must use three or less Thrust in the Movement Phase and cannot be recovering from Fatigue.
6. Energy may allow a starfighter to perform an Immelman that they would not otherwise be able to perform but the model gains double Fatigue.

Rule #2 Watch your Six
This rule was offered by Kurt Hummeritzch when he was playing with us at Historicon. This rule is used to simulate the danger of allowing an enemy model to get into your rear and be following you with the ability to shoot at your model from right behind you. The Six is considered the area directly behind a starfighter. In Star Crush this is measure by tracing a pathway the width of the base directly behind a starfighter. If any part of an enemy model's base

is in this pathway then they get an extra die when firing in the Combat Phase regardless of the range but only up to the maximum range.

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