Friday, 26 June 2015

Why use the shields on your Commorium Fighter

Opening class taught by Commander Jacob Renown at the Commorium Space Academy -
You are piloting your Commorium Fighter in known or unknown areas of the Universe. You are assured in your reaction skills, confident you are one trigger away from launching an offensive attack against anyone who so much as looks wrong at you. Your weapons are loaded, your wingmates are in position, and everything is as it should be. Hubris grasps you tight; you keep your shields down and fly with confidence until that one moment when you don’t see the looming threat until it’s too late. And then… goodbye ship, goodbye crew, goodbye life.
For all of you who are so full of yourselves that you think you are not in danger with your shields down because your instincts and knowledge are going to help you fight any enemy, here’s a top of reasons to keep your shields UP.

1. For Protection
We are going with the obvious here, but I cannot stress how important this first reason is. No matter how good you think you are, there will always be someone who is better then you. Someone who can take you down. It’s a wild, wild west out there ladies and gents! With the war against the Xothic at its height, there is no knowing when you will stumble against a hostile party.
The shields will give you an advantage, a few extra moments to regroup from the surprise of an attack and return with an attack of your own. They will protect you even if the enemy has you under constant fire, at worst allowing you to flee to safety. Of course, they are not infallible, but they will give you an advantage. All you will get from keeping them down is sure death.

2. Barrier against scanning and teleportation
How would you feel if the enemy managed to slip unwanted and unseen aboard your ship? If he managed to reach, unnoticed, the engine room where he tampered with the innards of your ship and even set it to self-destruct. If he then teleported away without a worry, not before scanning your ship and gathering all the data he needed. This is the exact thing that can happen if you do not raise your shields. Xothic technology remains a mystery for us and we have not had the opportunity to study it thoroughly. But surely we can suspect they have teleportation and scanning devices. The shields of your Commorium Fighter will keep the enemy away and the schematics of the ship under lock and key.

3. Shields used in the Star Crush Miniatures Game 
In the Star Crush Miniatures game we use shields to defend ships. Shields are an important technology in the game. When damage is done to your model the shields will be affected before the hull. Shields also stop Critical Hits. So they keep your model alive longer than the actual Hull and thus are more effective than an armored hull.

Are you still eager to fly and fight with your shields down?

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