Friday, 19 June 2015

Welcome to the Xothic

In this blog we will introduce you to the enemy of the Commorium in the StarCrush universe, the Xothic. The Xothic are an alien species that are new to the Commorium quadrant. The Commorium quadrant has been at the end of the Federated Republic Empire of Planets for generations. It was thought that you could not leave this arm of the Empire so it has been a strong supporter of the rest of the Federated Republic. Commorium sends troops to hostilities and is a reasonably quiet political supporter of the other planets and galaxies that make up the Empire. With the opening up of the Commorium arm to exploration, because of advances in technology, the Xothic have been located and our story is about the first meetings between these two beings.

The Story thus Far
The Xothic are expanding their holdings in the galaxy. They originate from a planet light years away from where the current story is taking place. As much as a decade ago they put a colony on a planet in the UGC12613.70 system. This colony thrived and was growing. It was made up of largely mining and scientific personal as it was in the early stages of development. Still the total population was in excess of a million individuals.
On the planet a new and seemingly significant find was a type of mineral that could be used to produce large amounts of energy when processed and refined properly. However, unbeknownst to the miners who were working on the planet it was also very volatile when combined with elements in pure oxygen. Normally this would not be an issue in the mining process, except it was. A mining accident occurred, no one knows exactly how oxygen got spilled into a solids refinery, and the whole planet was destroyed, silencing the colony.

On to War
As can be imagined the immediate response to this accident was to send the closest vessels to the area to determine why the colony had suddenly gone quiet. Among the first ships to arrive was a wing of Xothic Fighters from a close by Star Destroyer. These fighters were surveying the ruins and looking for survivors when a probe showed up from an unknown race, one that had never been seen or met before by the Xothic. It was assumed that surely this must be the perpetrators of the destruction of the Xothic colony. The probe was immediately destroyed (this is the second video that has been released) and the Xothic began to hunt for this new enemy that had the power to destroy entire worlds. The Xothic military reasoned that surely an aggressive stance needed to be taken against this threat.
When Tontor Lothnon’s Commorium bomber appeared over a military outpost on another planet, this time in the UGC12613.80 system, the soldiers on the ground feared for their lives. Could this be the beginning of a new attack that would lead to the destruction of the planet they were defending and the end of their very existence? Of course they shot first and destroyed the enemy ship that approached their outpost. This event triggered the war in earnest as both sides now had lost people to the war.

The Ships of the Xothic Fleet
The Xothic Starfighters are made to be small and nimble. Their maneuverability is off the charts. During the first battle of the war the Commorium pilots found the fighters to be difficult to catch and the pilots very aggressive in their maneuvering. Truly dogfighting would be a key skill in the upcoming war. The pilots of the Commorium fleet had no idea about the skills that would be required to fight this new enemy. They had become complacent, relying on their torpedoes and superior blasters to do much of the work in combat for them. As for the Xothic, they take full advantage of their maneuverability, moving quickly in combat and not giving the Commorium ships the chance to arm and bring their high powered weapons to bear on their starships.

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