Friday, 12 June 2015

The Commorium Bomber its Payload and Statistics

For a very long time our topics have centered around the latest cruise ships with their sleek, elegant look, top notch luxury specifications and features that oozed comfort and style. After all, what else would we have talked about in our peacetime review of the starships of the galaxy? The ships in the Commorium fleet proved to be of little interest as long as there was no war brewing on the horizon. Their only purpose was discovering the outskirts of the Federated Republic Empire of Planets. Not anymore! The Xothic are threatening us ladies and gentlemen and a fun cruise to one of the fabled spa planets could quickly turn into trouble. We are all now paying attention to the ships that are fighting hard in this war to keep us safe.

One such vessel is the already famous Commorium Bomber. The Bomber has gained prestige in this war thanks to Lieutenant Tontor Lothnon and his now famous incursion into Xothic space. This vessel was perfect for this mission because of its scanning abilities and its deflector shields.

The Bomber has a sleek, elongated look, giving a nod to the planes of old. The nose of Tontor’s vessel had hidden Nikkion Survey Cameras to aid in their surveillance mission. An interesting fact about these cameras is the first prototype was built from scratch by a mechanic prodigy from one of the Empire’s scrap metal planets. For years now Nikkion’s top of the line cameras have been mounted on all ships that need to serve surveillance and scanning missions.

The Commorium bomber comes fitted with powerful Ricaya Industries Phase One Pulse Cannons. In hyperspace travel the cannons fold down in crevices specially built into the fuselage of the ship. During combat, the cannons unfold and can unleash their power at the first sign of danger. An advantage the bomber has over other assaults ship is the reduced delay of the pulse cannons between recharging. Originally Ricaya Industries did not wish to involve themselves in building weapons for the war effort. After much coaxing from the government, the company agreed to outfit only the Commorium Bomber with their newest pulse cannons. Needless to say, they have delivered a hardy weapon to the fleet. The Ricaya Phase One Pulse Cannon is extremely powerful, because it is based on a 10 Megawatt charged photon accelerator. This accelerator is a series of coils that charged photon radiation travels through, is multiplied and then released to cause massive damage thru a lethal burst of radiation. The Ricaya version can fire multiple bursts over a period of seconds.

The Bomber also carries four laser cannons, two concealed in its nose, and two to the rear of the fuselage. In Tontor’s ship the two front laser cannons were replaced with surveillance cameras as noted above. A pair of launch tubes for proton torpedoes gives the Bomber its greatest punch, allowing it to perform its bombing missions.

There is a time to fight and a time to flee, but the Commorium Bomber can do both with utmost success. Benefiting from impressive velocity, the bomber can in effect take advantage of short microbursts of speed thanks to its Twin Ion Propulsion Huron Engines. In order to use this system, the pulse canons of the ship must be locked down and concealed in the fuselage of the ship.  Overall, looking over the specifications of this impressive ship, it is clear why the Commorium Bomber enjoys so much success and why the Xothic will quiver at its sight.

Commorium Bomber
Production information
Manufacturer Bleck Glastech Manufacturing
Model XL98 Commorium Bomber
Class Assault Starfighter
  • 127,995 (new)
  • 59,000 (used)
Technical specifications
Length 17 meters
Width 8 meters
Height/depth 3.5 meters
Maximum acceleration 2750 G

atmospheric speed
1050 km/h
Engine unit(s) Chani Works Twin Ion Propulsion Huron Engines (2)(rated .25 MTU)
Hyperdrive rating Class 1.0
Hyperdrive system Blecko K-3001 Hyperdrive Instrument
Power plant
Nova Myriad
Nova Myriad
Novagiga Corporation Power Convertor; Thiodyne 03-R cryogenic power cells and ionization reactor
Shielding Ryanjess Super Sheilds (75 DPU)
Hull Titanium-reinforced Hypersteel alloy (30 IP)
Sensor systems Nikkion BMs-5d full-spectrum transceiver with ZZBD long range phased radar detection array and ZZBD-2a short range primary threat analysis grid
Targeting systems Fujshito BR-1A tracking computer with LT Scanning system
Avionics Glastech "Nihilistic" flight control avionics package
  • TestTech and Flinch JK2 or LM6 laser cannons (4)
  • Ricaya Industries Phase One 2N-A Pulse Cannons (2)
  • Dualtech Double Tube Proton Torpedo Launcher
    • 4 torpedoes each
  • Photon bombs
  • Pilot (1)
  • Robot Unit (1)
Passengers 2; only certain models
Cargo capacity 125 kilograms
Consumables 1 week
Other systems
  • Glastech ballistic ejection seat
  • Detachable cockpit

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